Sunday, March 9, 2014

Leah's Fish Game

A few years ago I found this tutorial for this colorful fish matching game. 

When my sister Rose saw it, she was just as much in love. 

Fast-forward 2 years and she has two kids and her little girl is old enough to enjoy such a toy!  

So I HAD to make it for Christmas as her homemade gift.  

The tutorial was full of pictures and great instruction, so it came together with ease. 

The hardest part (as with so many of my sewing crafts) was choosing which fabric to use. 

In the end it came together swimmingly!  

Rose says that Leah loves to play with the little fish which fit in her petite little hands.  

That little Goddaughter of ours is one of the sweetest soft spoken gals you come across.  

She is always sneaking in to help with putting away dishes or stir a batch of treats. 

Leah will even wiggle her way onto your lap and aid in machine sewing, if you let her. 

We just love her to bits.