Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beach Quilt

Beach Quilt for Becky dear friend Becky turned 30 (last year)....I decided that should be celebrated with a quilt. 

 And not just ANY quilt; this quilt needed to be WONDERFUL! 

 I couldn't resist this Picnic Throw by Joel Dewberry (that man has talent!)
The size is just perfect and I had so much fun choosing fabrics.

I mixed and matched Amy Butler and Heather Bailey (two of my very favorites) and added a pinch of this color and a dash of that color and I couldn't be happier with the results!

For the backing I used a springy green sheet to highlight all that fancy topstitching!

I'm so blessed to have a friend that has seen my through my ups and downs for two many years to count.

She really deserves the very best.

To my now 31 year old beach-loving, never have too much of a good thing, full of life and love and happiness friend Becky...and the fantastic friendship that continues.

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  1. You always pick the best so bright and beautiful and spunky! :)