Monday, April 13, 2015

Halfway to One Year!

Leo is now 6 months old! 
He seems to learn something new daily! 
This month he's been rolling and rolling
and rolling some more. 
Sometimes I wonder if he'll need to crawl;
he's gotten so good at going where he wants by rolling. 
Leonardo has definitely mastered sitting up
and his balance is constantly improving. 
He also likes standing in his bouncy seat (or with our help if we hold his fingers!)
We had a round of colds and one ear infection that lead to Leo's first antibiotics. 
While Mama definitely felt like it was a fail, 
the medicine did cure our babiloo, and he actually liked taking it.
He has a bit of a temper and learned a whine that lets us know when he
IS.NOT.PLEASED. (effective, message received Leo;)
Our little fella weighed in at 19lbs 5ozs at his well-child check.
This month finally brought a break in the weather and our first family bike ride 
with Leo riding like a champ in the pull behind chariot. 
We've been working on lots of spring projects and our little man is always along to help
(or observe happily from his umbrella stroller)
This sock monkey (a gift from one of my patients) 
is the perfect size for him to cart around 
and he's learned to carry him in his mouth hands free...cracks us up! 
Mama's coworker hand knitted this sweater!
Leo is definitely ticklish and getting a little sense of humor
...giggling at random goofy things Papa does. 
 His drooling problem is improving (but not totally disappeared).
  Leo has become quite skilled at fighting sleep 
and last week Papa was found chanting "No more naps! No more naps!" 
while Leo tapped along with his pacifier...
Mama will really have to keep an eye on these two. 
He wiggles his little feet while he eats and loves to go to sleep with fingers in Mama's mouth.
We are just smitten kittens with our baby boy and all he has come to mean for our little family. 
How very very blessed we've been this past half of a excited for more to come!

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