Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day trip with Daddy

TOLEDO!!!! Home of Tony Paco's, and this super-sized dog...
Eric couldn't resist!
(and Leo munched on his extra pickles and oyster crackers)
Then off to the zoo...oh so much fun!
Mamma's favorite is always and elephant...
and these giant beauties even caught Leo's attention.
The rhinos were JUST. SO. BIG.
can you imagine running into such a creature in the wild?!
Meerkats peeked out at us while sunbathing...
While this lone Orangutan sat in a tub
Flamingos never cease to amaze with their stunning sense of balance
(and I had to throw in the roseate spoonbill for my mama)
Jungle book was so inspired by this sloth bear that it couldn't be forgotten...
and we were dazzled by these cassoway birds (both size and color!)
But Leo's FAVORITE was the aquarium...
he clapped
and chatted
to those fish and sharks. 
It was so much fun for Daddy and Mamma to see such a reaction
and who could blame him?!  Those tanks are GORGEOUS!
(notice the sea urchin in the background!)
Well done Toledo...see you next year!

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