Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day! Snow Day! SNOW DAY!

I've been working in the same office for over 10 years now (hard to believe, but it's true!)  And, in all that time, this is the very first year I've had any days off for weather. 
 I've had not one, 
not two, 
but three full snow days! 
The first day was built igloos.
Just look at that light glowing in mine!
I had dreams for that candle...of the roof glassing over with ice...I definitely had better luck icing the outside with buckets of water...look at that sheen! 
Eric was super proud of the heftiness of his creation.
He swore it was bullet proof with those 2 foot walls. 
(I was more impressed that he could cram himself into that small space!)
So here's Eric prepping for the next creation...
 on the roof!
It was a tiny but mighty snowman perched on the peak.
Our poor little Myka wanted to be with us be really did NOT love the snow!
 We lost our power on the second snow day and spent some quality time with board games and cards by candlelight.
Oh what a treat it is to have snow days as adults!

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  1. Your pics look great! I especially like the second one of the icicles, Eric in his igloo (ha ha ha!), the one of you two together (cute!) and the candle one is soooo pretty!!