Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Faux Chenille Blanket for Baby Thomas

Baby blankets are something I love love LOVE to make!
I really like the thought of a little one wrapped up in the warmth of my creation.  I came across this tutorial several years ago and it's the second time I've made a faux chenille blanket (the first was gifted to my Bigelow mama friend upon the birth of her third lovely girl).   It's a way to use a fabric that you just can't stand the thought of cutting up.  When this Michael Miller came in the mail,
I knew it would be just perfect for this project.
(I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I already had all three flannels on-hand to use for the backer!) 
Luckily they matched well and saved me a trip to the store....I did however run out of matching thread...thank you Sarah for saving me! Once all stacked up and basted, I sewed row and rows of straight lines at a 45degree angle.  
Doesn't this look like a beautiful field of corn or beans from and areal view midsummer? 
Keep up this labor of love until all the fabric is a field of lovely lines. 
A walking foot really comes in handy for this part of the project;
it can certainly be completed with a regular machine foot, but the walking foot helps feet the fabric from above which is so great when sewing multiple layers.
Now...are you ready?  It's time to use a wonderful new tool that I'm hooked on...look out in-tact fabric because you are about to become chenille! 
This specialty rotary cutter has a bottom 'shield'-the elongated portion- that you slip above the 'featured fabric' and it cuts through the layers of flannel but protects that fun cotton!
What a brilliant idea! 
This is another thing that could be done without gadgetry, but....for me the tools of the trade are half the fun.  Keep slicing between all of your rows until you have something that looks a little like this:
Isn't that wonderful too? 
With each new step I hesitate to proceed to the next step, but once completed I fall in love with this project a little more! So...on to the next step...BINDING! 
I found yet another wonderful gadget to help with this phase. 
After sewing the perimeter of the blanket with binding, these little clips hold down the edge to be hand-sewn without a single pin-stick (and I know that makes ME want to cheer!) 
Now with the hands-on portion of the blanket complete, time to pop into the washer.  Then, you'll get to see this....
the finished product-faux chenille! 
Oh sewing, how rewarding you can be!

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