Friday, February 7, 2014


Fabric Square Coasters

I've had the same coffee table since back in my single days.  Before it was refinished last winter, the varnish was flaking off and there were know the ones...left behind from that pesky condensation on the outside of your glass when a coaster isn't used. Since I was the one to sand and stain and shellac that table, I wasn't about to see a repeat performance.  We had glass coasters, but they weren't in the best of shape and didn't really fit with our came up with these:  
Do you recognize the prints?  I chose some of the same fabrics used in the love quilt for Eric. Would you like to make some too? Here's a mini tutorial to help...

fabric scraps
cotton batting scraps
matching thread
(scissors, sewing machine, tape measure, and pins)

I wanted to have a 4 inch finished size, so I made cut two cotton squared 4.5 inches (to allow for seams)
The batting I cut into squares just a smidge larger than 4 inches (two for each coaster)
Next sandwich two cotton squares with the brighter sides (right sides) facing each other. 
Center your two batting squares atop, and pin the whole sandwich together. 
Now sew around the edges, BUT, leave a 1-2inch opening in one side of your coaster for turning inside out. 
Snip the corners close to
but not INTO the seams.  

Your are getting closer...Turn the piece right side out. 
To make the corners nice and crisp I used a knitting needle I had on hand to push those corners into a nice point. 
If you aren't a knitter, a pencil or pen would work well for this too!  Tuck in the open edge where you turned your coaster and try to line it up with the stitched edges. 
Blast that baby with the iron until it's nice and flat. 
Last stitch close to the edge and whala!  You did it!
 (At this Auntie's home, these also double as toys.)

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