Friday, October 31, 2014

Balancing Act

It has been a tricky balance...trying to get something accomplished in the day, but not pushing if too far.   I will admit it is not my strength.  Eric has always excelled at relaxing, so it was an extra special pleasure to have him home for the last two plus weeks.  
Alas, the honeymoon (or babymoon?) is over...Eric returned to work this week and sometimes I fear we've overdone it. That's not to say it seems much as been accomplished, but Monday, on Eric's first day at work, we did sneak in a walk. 
It's tough to say who enjoyed it the most, the sleeping baby,
the mama who was able to leave the house,
or the smiling pupparoo who couldn't stop bounding into leaf piles and sniffing in a zigzag the whole trail. 
Later that evening, I woke up with fever and night sweats, and spent the next day doing a whole lot of this... 
With Eric back to work, it's tough trying to pull my weight and get enough done to impress him without creating those feverish days that follow overdoing it.  
One of these days, we'll get back to a schedule that includes more than diaper changes, feedings and bathing, but for now, Thank you God for giving me my Eric, a wonderful Papa who is not afraid of a day when he does, "nothing and it's everything he hopes it would be!"

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