Monday, October 6, 2014

MORE is more

In elementary, Mom would always come to help for special days (like Christmas cookie decorating or Valentine's activity day) and she would remind us, without fail, that, "Less is more boys and girls!" 
I, however, tend to think the opposite....MORE is more.  So you can imagine that when I found my favorite peanut butter on sale for $1.50 I couldn't help but stock up.  I left the store with 8 jars.  When I showed my lovely Eric my spoils he couldn't believe that I didn't get MORE.
 (oh my Eric how you've won me over!)  So we promptly headed back to Kroger to pick up 28 more jars because in this Thomas house more just is more. 
At 3 days overdue, apparently what our little Baby Thomas believes too.
(Getting this one trained already!)

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