Monday, September 29, 2014

Jammies for the Kiddos

Do you find pajamas as relaxing, as comfy as I do? 
If you answered no, then it's either time to go shopping or get sewing because in my world, just the word jammies should make your shoulders relax (or giggle like my sister's kids in these camping pjs).  
This is one of the many reasons that I like to make them so much.  This past Christmas (I know Christmas, in September?!) I crafted these lovelies for two deserving kiddos.  
Ryder, like his Uncle Eric, is a big fan of anything mustache...
so I just couldn't resist adding this applique to the original knit pattern.  
For Breckyn,
the cat was a no-brainer
since she refers to the family cats as her siblings. 
And the paw prints on the backside may be my favorite part.
They were both excited about the PJs,
and I must say, so was I.

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