Saturday, September 6, 2014

Showered with Love

Some days in life you wish you could play over...and do it all again
only this time in slow motion so you could let it wash over you once more and soak it all in.
Some days the love of others surrounds you and fills you up until you think you might burst.  
How very blessed we are to have others just as thrilled as we are to expand our family!
 Recently, we got a beautiful glimpse of the love our family shares for growing little one when my dearest sisters gave us the loveliest shower
 ....It was as if they climbed into my head and created the dream setting they found there:
A picnic complete with hand-packed box lunches,
vintage wicker baskets, 

and mason jar beverages
 (and even the desserts were in jam-sized mason jars)!
  The food was sooo tasty!
We scattered about the lawn in the dappled sunshine on quilts
while the country breeze cooled the setting...and made me long for the rural home of our dreams. 
The day was custom made for a picnic...see the kiddos soaking up that warmth?!
A BIG thank you goes out to two very special Dads who will be such a great example for my Eric as he joins the ranks of Fathers. 
Meanwhile on the other side of the lawn...
Games included a race to the clothesline to see who could dress their baby the fastest...
Poor Grandma took not one but two false-starts before it was actually her turn to go
(and I must say I've never seen Granny run so quickly-what a competitive spirit!)
The baby boy team won-YEAH!
(Really baby Thomas was the winner and gets to keep all the fun baby clothes that these two are modeling!)
Then it was off to picnic basket palooza with varied activities in each basket.

Some worked on this lovely ABC book for baby...with two educators in the group it took on a new life with a theme and rhyming...I can't wait to read the final results!
The Lehrman group assembled these colorful onesies for the baby
and Rose finished the edges with a secure zigzag later; let me tell you,
they turned out so cute that it's tough not to want to make more!
Then there were the Loundsies,
4-H champions in the giftwrap category made them more than qualified to put together a mommy survival kit for the hospital stay. 
Boy did they work their magic~I'm not so sure I want to even use the items they look so lovely all together in there!
The final picnic basket was full of diapers and instructions to leave messages for the new parents...
well the oneriest group received this task and boy did those future Grandmas, Aunt and Cousin have a good time with this one! 
Even baby's Great Grandma couldn't help but chuckle as she filled them out!
Did you read all the rhymes for each activity?!  If not, go back, look closely...well done Ruth and Rose!
We wrapped up the party by opening giftwrap!  We were so very blessed with gifts of all shapes and sizes and the day left me feeling like our little baby Thomas will not want for much.
The baby will be wrapped in  blankets of love, cuddled in kindness of friends, surrounded with hope and prayers of so many loved ones, just like we were this day. 
My heart still bursts with joy as I look back on all the loveliness that was this day...
and it does leave me wondering...What will this baby 'bee'?

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