Saturday, November 15, 2014

Leo's Baptism

Leo joined the church! 
It was officially Sunday when he turned one month. 
He didn't let out a peep as the water was poured on his little head
Fire from the Easter Candle, Holy Water, and Christening Oil
and Father signed his forehead with the spicy smelling christening oil.
Aunt Ruth and Uncle Mike were chosen as godparents; they are so wonderful with the four children they have, truly raising them up as children of God; hopefully they will have the same positive influence on our Leo.
His white garment was created from Aunt Rach's wedding gown, a beautiful tribute to new beginnings.

We celebrated his new life in Christ with a Mexican themed dinner
and Great Grandma's famous pies.
Aunt Ruthie helped with decorations...look at how talented she is with chalk!
And Aunt Rose was the self-proclaimed "behind the scenes lady" who held the whole show together.
Aunt Rose working so hard she didn't have time to turn around for the photo!
I could not have done it without them.
How grateful we are for the wonderful Church family
and biological families with which we've been blessed.
What a wonderful day of praise and thanksgiving and recommitment to the things that truly matter most.

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