Saturday, November 15, 2014

One month already!

I love my nieces and nephews so SO much.
I remember wondering if I would love my own children as much when I had them. 
Our Leo is just over a month old and I can officially say YES.
I didn't think it possible, but I love him even more, just as a mother should. Sometimes it all seems so surreal; it's hard to imagine...
seems like I was just this size and dreaming about whether I'd be having a baby boy or girl, and now that little man has already been with us 4 1/2 weeks! 
such a happy boy
We have been so blessed.  He is such a sweet baby; he smiled while he was still in the hospital, but now he does it often.  Sarah said he must be smiling at angels, what a wonderful thought.
profile cooing
Leo has already gained close to 4lbs and weighs in just under 12lbs-he's getting to be such a little chunk!   Leo is now 22 inches long and his head has grow to 15.25 inches around and really he's a strong little guy. 
big yawn
He'll sleep at least in 2hrs stretches night and occasionally I'll get him to do 3 or 4hrs (especially if Eric is home to hold him...sometimes I think he'd sleep all day if he were held). Today he took his first bottle, like a champ.
I was a little worried, but he just fits right in with the rest of the family and likes his food any way he can get it!
fresh out of a bath
He's a pretty relaxed baby and after a diaper change he'll just sit and stare at the birch tree forest in his room.  On the rare occasion when he's really worked up,
shushing in his ear or running the bath water always seem to sooth him. He really is a mini-Eric and I think it's especially true when he is just waking up or when he's fussy or cute!
such a good little pouty lip
Some of his hair is falling out already and some just keeps on a growing, so you can see what his Great Grandpa Sorg would "chicken feathers and rooster tails" on the top of his head, and it's so long in the back that it hangs over his collar a little.
look mom I can go cross-eyed
He's started to recognize our faces and voices and will look around to find us which is a small but wonderful reward for us as parents.  Leo is also making some beautiful cooing noises these days...a delight for the ears.
His little faces crack me up...especially his Rob Ford impersonation
(spot on, right?!)
Oh Leo what joy you've brought into our lives!  We cannot wait to see what more is to come!

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