Friday, December 12, 2014

Time to Give Thanks

As the Thanksgiving Day celebrations come to a close for our families,
I'm left realize how much we have to be thankful for, this year especially.  For many of Eric's family it was their first time meeting our Mr. Leo;
they were just as smitten we are.  
They snatched our little fellow up the minute we walked in the door and he was willingly passed from one doting cousin to another!  Eric looks forward to this get together every,
Calling all Giant great grandchildren 10 and under!
football-the big three for him!
I'm so very thankful he has such wonderful male cousins to spend time with, however rare that time may be.  I've told him more than once that I cannot imagine life without my dear sisters;
there is something special about the bond between siblings
Leah and Leo take a nap
(I think it's especially true if you are the same gender, but really what do I know as I ONLY have sisters?!) 
Grandpa Marquardt holds Leo for the first time
I am so thankful this year for the joys that come with bringing a new life into your home.  The sweet coos and smiles, the humorous squeaky whines, the endless hours cuddling.  Our baby has brought us more joy than we ever knew he would. 
Leo and Logan born just over a month apart
It's easy to get lost in the diapering and middle of the night feedings and laundry and dishes that come with this heaven-sent package...the daily grind can get to us all at times, but that makes the smooth days that much more of a delight!
Thank you God for all the good you've brought to my life...the wonderful family with which we are blessed, the kindness of friends, the satisfaction that comes from a hard days work,
falcon on our pergola
the beauty of nature in all it's wonder,
the love of a husband who is better than I deserve,
and this miraculous gift of our child.
 When times are trying Eric and I will say, "Give it a year; what a difference a year can make."
Eric and Leo Light the Night Fort Wayne
It's always gotten us through times when hope was slim and moral was low, and if you'd have told me a year ago now that we would have a baby of our own, I'm not sure I could've believed it.
What a difference a year can make.

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