Friday, December 12, 2014

We have a Chunkers!

Our little duffers is officially two months old!  We went to our doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and he weighed in at a whopping 14lbs-off the charts! I was so proud! 
 If nothing else, we are good eaters in this house. 
I know the clean plate club is no longer the fad, but papa and I are proud card-carrying members, so he gets his love for food honestly. 
 Leo was 23 inches long which put him right in the 50th percentile somewhere.  The good Doctor said this can be a tricky measurement at this age, since they like to scrunch up so much, and that he may be a smidge taller, and not to worry crazy mama. 
He is cooing more every day and gives smiles away like the free treat they are.  Eric and I are always wondering if he’s the smileyist baby we’ve ever know, or if we just get to see more of the smiles since we’re the parents. 
Either way we are thrilled.  When we talk to Leo or sometimes just look his way, we are treated to dimply grins and gummy goodness!  
He is making some noted advances:this week he discovered the toy birds on his swing and he stared at them intently as I finished putting up Christmas décor.  One morning we woke up to find him with one arm busted out of his swaddle.  
He can now sit up in his highchair...kind of.  He's so proud that he can sit up at all,
but he slumps over without help.  He likes faces, even those on stuffed animals, and smells are something of a delight.

 The other day he was fussing as I peeled a cutie orange, when that fresh citrus scent hit the air he stopped…and I’ve been using vicks vapor rub to help nurse his cold and that smell always makes him smile.  He has happy little sounds now like goos and gaas and it looks like he’s working hard to say something else too (I’m certain it’s mama)
One night this month he slept 6.5 hours straight., but the biggest news for this month…Leo rolled over.  One time only show and it happened to be during the 5 minutes that day that Mama wasn’t around, but Daddy was a verified witness…Leo was laying on his belly next to Papa, reached his arm in a stretch and just rolled right over to his back!  I cannot wait to see the action for myself. (I had been practicing with him for weeks)  I could go on and on about all of the things that make our Leo wonderful, but we’ll leave it at that. 

Two short months ago what a sweet fresh breeze God blew into our lives, and we are so very thankful.

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