Thursday, January 8, 2015

Expect the Unexpected

Some days you wake up and plan to go to the Fort to have a day of shopping and a little bit of time doing just what you want, and some days life laughs at you.  
Can you guess what kind of day we are having? A day of emergency vet appointment and leg injury for the mykadog
and an emergency doctor appointment for the daddy with an overnight hospital stay to follow. At first they thought appendicitis but ultimately the ct scan of his appendix was okay and they are saying it's viral...what a nasty virus!!! Thankfully this is now how both of my human babies look...
and I hope my mykadog is sleeping soundly too.
God keeps teaching me to have patience and put my faith in Him, let Him be the driver on our life's journey.  I must be a very slow learner because I keep getting these lessons over and over again.
Soon, oh so soon, we will be doing this again (I hope)

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