Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Thaw

"The sun came out,
And the snowman cried.
His tears ran down
on every side.
His tears ran down
Till the spot was cleared.
He cried so hard
That he disappeared."
-  Margaret Hillert, January Thaw

Last week we had lots of beautiful white fluff as far as the eye could see!  
It was so pure and clean and lovely.  One morning we were treated to the rare delight of frozen fog all piled up in stacks of white outlining all the trees and scruff along the banks...
it made for the MOST beautiful drive to work, watching the sun rise paint it's beautiful light on the scene.  I often hear people comment about snow being a waste after Christmas...
they'd rather it just ended in December. 
I mostly nod and smile as if I agree, but secretly I enjoy it
(even last year when the roads were covered until April and I had double the drive time and one lane roads half the winter)
I think our little fellow might be on my side.
I cannot wait until he's old enough to build snowmen and sled and ice skate with us and then curl up inside for board games and hot chocolate. 

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