Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snippets of Christmas

Is it too late to talk about Christmas? 
Not in this house it isn't. (After all we JUST took down our Christmas decorations last week)
We celebrate all year around here. 
The crafts and decorations
and food...
it's all such a wonderful way to bring those we love together. 
While not all of our celebrating is focused only on Christ's birth,
I do like to think it makes His eyes twinkle when His flock are together laughing and enjoying each others company. 
Certainly the kindness of Mr. Claus is not lost on our Lord.
I'll never forget how sincerely he told us when we visited in his Auburn Chalet that Christmas is for the children and he does what he does for them.
Surely the heart of St. Nicholas was full of love for the Christ child. 
Having a wee one of our own brings a new kind of truth to the reality of Mary's selflessness.
The story of Jesus' birth just hit me differently this year.
Father Dave even mentioned to us once, "Jesus was a little baby just like Leonardo!" 
So I guess we weren't the only one's that were thinking it.
This year we had much to celebrate, and our favorite gift came two months early. 
(Well maybe not ever, the birth of Jesus you can't really beat; 
how about best Christmas yet in our lifetime?)

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