Saturday, January 10, 2015

3 Months and Counting

It's official, our little man is already 1/4 of a year old! 
"He's growing like a weed," is what my Grandma would say.  
Weighing in at 16lbs on the home scale yesterday, this boy still likes to eat.  
He's been spending 2 days a week at Aunt Ruthie's house while Mama is at work, and she says that sometimes he will cry when the bottle runs dry.
 It seems like he picks up on something new each day...
his head control is improving and he really likes to stand if you hold his arms up. 
Leo can definitely tell who his Mama and Papa are now,
and he'll track us around a room and follow our voices-makes me so proud! 
He has always been a sneezy babiloo and usually they come in multiples, but you can always tell when he's finished sneezing because the last one ends in a coo.  We've always gotten such a kick out of this and Eric and I never knew where he got that from until I got a bit of a cold and sneezed....Leo is my baby after all!  (and now I like this quirk even more) 
In the last couple of days he's started grabbing onto things and shaking them a bit before he lets go.  He gets so puzzled about what's going on;
I can almost see the wheels turning in that tiny head of his.
Leonardo holds his little hands together
 (I like to thinks he's praying, but I'm told it's a milestone...that he 'found' his other hand) 
Just like his Papa, he still sleeps quite a bit, but not always in long stretches at night; I'm sure that will come in due time. 
Now during diaper-changes he'll hold his legs back...
cousin Leah would be proud!  
In the last month, bathime has become transformed from a crying can't-get-it-over-quick-enough part of the day to FUN!
  Leo will kick his feet and splash the water and we've made it through several without a single tear shed!
While most days are filled with books and songs and the day's highlight might be tummy-time,
You just have to love a baby mullet
I know there is so much this little person of ours is learning.
Sometimes he finds his thumb if his pacifier isn't around
Yesterday someone saw Leonardo and said, "I might be looking at the next President!" Well isn't that a thought. 
It's so lovely to imagine what life has in store for this beautiful blessing of ours.

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