Thursday, February 12, 2015

4 months old already?!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the chubbiest of them all?
It's our Leonardo Manford!
Are you talking about me?
 Weighing in at 17.5lbs at his doctor's visit this week, he's not quite off the charts,
but he's in the 90th percentile for weight and 24 1/2 inches long
...and he impresses us daily with his new skills bo staff skills or nunchuck skills (yet).
He is able to hold his head up really well
and even push himself up on his hands. 
He can grab, hold and even toss toys.  He smiles and chats if talked to...mostly ah goo
EVERYTHING goes into Leo's mouth right now
...oh this truck feels nice,
I wonder how it tastes...
He is becoming more content laying on the floor
 and checking out whatever we put in front of, books, mirror.
Sometimes he'll even spin that body of his into a full circle (if he's laying on the floor long enough)
He has a musical giraffe from Aunt Ruthie and Aunt Rose...
it plays the same song as a stuffed pig Mommy had when she was a baby
and it is becoming a fast favorite around here. 
Leonardo's "baby gym" is perfect for him at this age 
and he reaches for the little critters hanging from the bars. 
Sometimes that chiming little fox tail makes it into Leo's mouth.  
Just this week he learned to pull down a birdie to make it vibrate.
  At times his hands will get into his line of vision and he'll stop just to stare at the marvel of them. 
Leo's got a great grip with those hands of his too (he likes to grab fistfuls of Mommy's hair)
Maybe he's longing for his newborn hair which has fallen out...
 with the exception of a few strays on top.
(We helped out in the back mullet with a little trim)
I know all of these new-found baby tricks seem minute and insignificant,
zonked out after a big night at the circus
but each one is a tiny miracle and we are so privileged to witness.
Leo, 4 months old
...a happy smiley baby everyone seems smitten with him;
such a chunk right now, it's hard to stop kissing those swollen cheeks and swishing his rolly thighs impossibly cute. 
We feel so incredibly blessed to have you in our life;
we are forever changed and eternally grateful.

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