Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's build a snowman!

It's been said that "snowmen come from heaven unassembled" 
Well, I make it my personal mission every year to do some of that assembly.
last year's rooftop snowman
circa 2011
 This year we were so lucky to have an invitation from our good friends the Bigelow Family.  
Poor little Kate took ill earlier in the day so she and her mamma were stuck indoors, but they watched us construct from the front window! 
 It was the BEST packing snow and fairly warm for a snowy Indiana winter day so I didn't feel too bad wearing Leo and letting him be a part of the fun. 
His first snowman, "Let's call him Henry!" Audrey said. 
Caroline was just happy to eat Henry's craisin mouth as we put on the final touches. 
She was like a little squirrel scattering about as the loose ones slipped off his smooth face. 
 With no full-sized carrots in the house, we lucked out when Ashley found this super-sized gem of a baby carrot in the bag-jackpot! 
What fun! 
With the bitter cold that is coming, I'm especially glad we were able to assemble Henry last weekend!  Thank you Audrey and Caroline for some snowy memories!

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