Sunday, March 8, 2015 goes on

So, I'm about a month delayed, but
here's what Valentine's day looked like at our house this year...
we relaxed, loved on our little man...
then went sledding with Ryder and Breckyn in the frigid cold and ice 
sledding photos circa 2014
neither of these sleds would make it home in one piece 
Eric's crazy sledding gave him a reputation of pain,
and Breckyn dubbed me Safety Sam and only wanted to ride with me most of the day
(and had ice cream on the way home in case we weren't chilly enough)
These were the little valentine treats for the nieces and nephews
(a toilet paper roll covered in contact paper,
filled with a big punching balloon and some candies,
and decorated with ribbons and hearts)
Then we headed home for a Pioneer Woman inspired dinner-Yummo! 
This cake was delicious!  
I know how it looks, but it was so moist, so sweet, so wonderful for days to come. 
Thank you Eric for continually making my dreams come true and for being my very own valentine for yet another year!

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