Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fantastic Five Months

Five fabulous months of life with our can that be true?!  
So many blessings in such a short time...
Much to Great Grandma Marge's delight, our Leo has started giving high fives!
He's been practicing his vocals that now include screechy squeals, coos, ah-goos and my personal favorite, GIGGLES!
His eyes are STILL blue...
(oh please say they'll stay that sparkly and blue like his Papa's)
 Leo is finally making friends with our Mykadog.  He tracks her every move, and when he can get close enough, he loves to do this...
  so, Myka has a pretty quick dart these days.
We are fairly certain that Leonardo recognizes his name...
he gets super smiley if you say it,
well, to be honest, he smiles if you say anything to him...
or look at him...
or sing to him...okay pretty much ANY attention from just about ANYONE will make him smile.
(but I still think he's learning his name)
Leo's "real" hair has started growing in and it's soft and fuzzy like goose down and I cannot stop rubbing it.
He's also become a drool machine!
His hand-eye coordination improves daily.
He's learned to take out his pacifier and play with it
and chew on it and even hit it on his carseat clips to make noise. 
Leonardo likes to have his hands on your face or mouth or pinching your cheeks as he's drifting off...
and he likes to suck on his toes
ALOT. often leaves me wondering when he'll loose the flexibility required to pull that off...
and he has the most tender swirly eye rub...hard to describe, but so sweet...and when he wakes up in the morning he'll always stretch his feet out perfectly straight...
REAL men sleep in floral sheets
He still loves his pacifier (but a finger or thumb will do in a pinch)
and almost NEEDS it to calm down before sleeping.  
Speaking of sleeping...much to Mamma's disappointment, little man outgrew his bassinet
and is now sleeping in his crib.  How bitter sweet to move him into his own room (ok really mostly bitter for Mamma). Some nights he'll pull a stretch of 8 or 9 hours, and just when I think it's going to be the new trend, he'll throw in a night where he wakes up 3 times...just to keep me guessing. 
We love our little duffers. 
Around this house, he's the best thing since sliced bread,
and we are just delighted with all his new developments
...keep them coming Leo, but could you slow down a tad and be my baby just a little longer?!

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