Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Ones That Got Away

We took our very first family vacation...yeah! 
It was very low-key 
(we were not sure how things would go with our little one, and we wanted to take ease in)
 so we headed to Frankenmuth, Michigan. 
It was a lovely little town with Bavarian-style store fronts. 
Our favorite little shop was the clock store.
Lucky for us, the change of the hour happened while we stopped in and we were in for a treat. There were coo coo clocks with charming little scenes...
young fellas sneaking a kiss,
hearty chaps slugging a beer,
and men chopping wood with saw mills whirling in the background.
It was all we could do to keep from taking one home with us. 
One of the trip's highlights was a pretzel rolling class...
really more appropriate for the 10 and under crowd, but we had a ball!
We ate at a wonderful place called Tony's with a BLT that had a beautiful pound of bacon between it's delicious toasted sourdough...
Leo cooed and screeched a loud ode to the bacon all of lunch...
God put him in the right family, didn't He?!
My absolute favorite of the weekend was watching Leonardo in the pool
(and joining in on the swimming too!)
He stayed in until his little feet were wrinkled prunes!
Leo is going to be a little waterbug this summer.
Out trip was filled with time together just relaxing
and eating and enjoying the company of those we love; it was something to cherish. 
I only hope this is the first of many family trips to come.

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