Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Much Fun!!!

Leo's first BIG snowstorm! (12 inches was the final tally)
We made snow angels
and wrote messages to Daddy in the snow
(while he slept before the big game); 
the wind and more snow washed them both away! 
but this is what it left us the next morning...
Sometimes the differences between Eric and I are so evident....
like on the way to church as I'm dwelling on just how beautiful it is to see the trees covered in snow and wishing I had brought my camera to capture it...
he is scouting out curves to practice skidding around in the rear-wheel drive car 
(and I grab the handle and say a prayer we make it safely)
Lucky for Leo he doesn't JUST have a crazy protective Mama...
We love that Papa and all the fun that comes with him!

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